Thursday, March 13, 2008

anglo-franco photos

In Nottingham, a statue of Kevin Costner:

In London, my sister's cat Arras:

A group of angry Serbian protesters in London:

Chango Spasiuk!

The students at the Ecole Polytechnique in Lozère draw some neat murals:

Paris has a successful bike-sharing program:

The French are serious about their fast food.

The town of Antony, where I stayed with Kaustuv and Vivek, had a delightful Sunday market.

Un canard:

Indian fast food, near the Gare du Nord:

My gracious host Kaustuv:

Jean-Yves, after his first lecture on the Geometry of Interaction V:

Neither the subject nor the cameraman were prepared for this photo, hence
Paul-André came out a bit blurry. In real life, he is quite sharp!